Attorney Matthew Sherman Discusses Hurricane Ida Claims on WGNO News

August 29th is the 18th anniversary of hurricane Katrina. But it’s also the second anniversary of hurricane Ida. And it’s the deadline for people to sue if they don’t like their insurance settlements on their hurricane Ida claims. WGNO spoke with a lawyer who is in the middle of many insurance fights. Natural disasters occur and damage or property. It can be a battle when it comes to insurance settlements. That has been the case for some since the describe destruction of hurricane Ida hitting landfall.

Now, hundreds across southeast Louisiana are flocking to make sure they get what they are entitled to.

Matthew Sherman, trial attorney and business law litigator at Chehardy Sherman Williams

With the two-year anniversary of hurricane Ida on August, 29th at means all lawsuits for improperly denied or underpaid insurance claims for the storm must be filed by that day. Attorney Matthew Sherman says while many people hope to resolve insurance claims without a lawsuit, it is often not been the case regarding Ida. As a lawyer, I understand nobody wants to file a lawsuit. You’re hoping you don’t have to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

And so you have hope that you’re going to be there is off your claim with the insurance company. Unfortunately not everybody has been able to do that. Law firms such as Chehardy Sherman Williams have seen waves of people looking to file lawsuits as the deadline approaches, hoping to improve their chances of getting a fair settlement on our office has about 10250 claims that were filing between now and Tuesday.

And survive disruption to the court has to to get get the lawsuit filed. Sherman says that filing a lawsuit before next. Tuesday’s deadline is crucial. If you hope to get what you believe you’re owed, even if you are in the process of resolving a claim. It’s imperative that, you know, if you do not fire last you will not be able to to go forward and recover anything. So even if you think about to resolve, you know, your claim that you still should follow lawsuit is to preserve it. If you would like to speak to lawyer at your Chehardy Sherman Williams regarding a lawsuit filing, you can find a link to their website on our web site at WGNO dot com.

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