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Senior Partner James M. Williams Appointed to The Louisiana State Law Institute as a Member of the Torts and Insurance Committee

Chehardy Sherman Williams law firm is pleased to announce that James M. Williams, our Senior Partner and Head of Litigation, has been appointed to the prestigious Louisiana State Law Institute as a member of the Torts and Insurance Committee. The Institute was chartered in 1938 by the Louisiana Legislature to be “an official, advisory, law revision commission, law reform agency, and legal research agency of the State of Louisiana.”

The Institute is designed as an adjunct to the Legislature. Its duties are specified in the act of its creation explicitly requiring the Institute to consider needed improvements in the law and to make recommendations concerning them; to study the civil law with a view to discovering defects and inequities and recommending needed reforms; to receive, consider and make recommendations concerning law reforms proposed by associations and learned societies such as the American Law Institute and the Bar Associations; to recommend from time to time such changes in the law as it deems necessary to modify or eliminate antiquated and inequitable rules of law; and to bring the law of the State of Louisiana, both civil and criminal, into harmony with modern conditions. The Louisiana Legislature receives biennial reports and draft legislation from the Institute in support of its recommendations.