APRNs and Collaborative Practice Agreements

Health Law Talk Presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams

In this week’s episode of Health Law talk, Conrad Meyer and Rory Bellina discuss APP’s or advanced practice providers. In the 1960s and 70s, a family physician was usually in a solo practice with maybe one or two fellow physicians. Supporting that practice read the nurses, aides, lab technicians, or even a spouse who might help with obtaining lab work, blood draws, or other services. In today’s complex healthcare delivery system, mid-level providers, often referred to as advanced practice providers (APP), include advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), physician assistants (PAs), and clinical nurse specialist (CNS), just to name a few.  These APP’s are continuing to increase in number as well as expand the scope of respective practices. The nuances involving the APP scope of practice along with the needs of an ever demanding population craving healthcare require decisions involving the role that APPs will play alongside physician providers in delivering the healthcare that is desperately needed in today’s marketplace. This episode will delve into these topics and more so please join us for this exciting episode on APP’s with health law talks.

Health Law Talk, presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams, one of the largest full service law firms in the Greater New Orleans area, is a regular podcast focusing on the expansive area of healthcare law. Attorneys Rory Bellina, Conrad Meyer and George Mueller will address various legal issues and current events surrounding healthcare topics. The attorneys are here to answer your legal questions, create a discussion on various healthcare topics, as well as bring in subject matter experts and guests to join the conversation.

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