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Rory Bellina (00:15):
Hello everyone and welcome to Health Law Talk, presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams. Before we get started, please be sure to subscribe to our podcast and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, LinkedIn, the description below. Below. We hope you enjoy this episode. Good morning, everyone. This is Roy Bellina and Conrad Meyer with this special Thanksgiving episode of Health. Law Talk. Conrad, how are you?

Conrad Meyer (00:42):
I’m doing great. Thanks Roy. Appreciate that.

Rory Bellina (00:44):
All right. So it’s Thanksgiving week and we thought we would do a quick little special episode on things. We’re thankful for some things, healthcare and law related, maybe some other things, but you know, it’s been, it’s been a crazy busy year. It seems that, you know, typically at the end of the year, you know, pre covid at the end of the year, at least for us, deals are usually ramping up or it’s dead silent and no one’s doing anything until the beginning of the year. But, but right now, I mean, we, we did an episode last week on the CMS healthcare mandate. We did one the prior week on private employers. And, you know, there’s tons of litigation going on on this. And so it’s been a, it’s been a busy end to 2021. looking forward to 2022, but we thought we would do this little episode and just talk about things we’re, we’ve been thankful for in the healthcare and legal world. And Connor, do you wanna start us off?

Conrad Meyer (01:36):
Yeah, I think I agree with you a hundred percent that this has been a crazy year, actually. It’s been a crazy, almost near two years.

Rory Bellina (01:42):
A very fast year.

Conrad Meyer (01:44):
Fast year from, from a lot of different legal perspectives in the health law world. and, you know, with, with all the mandates and things like that, covid related, I mean, if I have to hear another Covid C Cle, I, I’m think I’m gonna pull my hair out. But the good thing is, is that the mandates have offered us a lot of content. I mean, I can give you that. Yep. You know, so I’m thankful for, I guess I’m thankful for the fact that we work in an industry that constantly changes. It’s never the same. It’s huge. It’s one fifth of our gdp. And so I’m very thankful for the fact that we have the ability and the knowledge and and and so forth to be able to listen and tackle these topics especially Sure. Like this.

Rory Bellina (02:31):
Yeah. I think to segue on that you know, I’m thankful that, you know, Covid for, you know, as many of thousands or or millions of people as it’s affected, killed, you know, it’s pretty much touched everyone across the world, but I’m thankful from healthcare and legal side that it’s really kind of accelerated our area, our field in, in so far as it’s really That’s a good point. Cut the red tape, for lack of a better expression and accelerated, You know, we’ve had guests on that have talked about pretty much all of our guests. We’ve asked them how covid has affected their practice. And a lot of them will say, obviously the negatives of it and those kind of things. But a lot of them will also say, you know, it was so great to be able to see somebody through FaceTime and they didn’t have to come and wait at order. It was so great to have.

Conrad Meyer (03:16):
So that was number one though, right? We’re think the telemedicine

Rory Bellina (03:19):
Would be, I think that, I think that is huge. I think the overall, you know, the thing that I’m thankful for is that Covid, for as bad as it’s been, has really kind of sped forward and pushed the government to kind of cut through those barriers. And, and now we’ve gotten a lot of innovation. You know, we’ve never had a drug approved this fast. We’ve got telemedicine that’s now so much, Right. So much more accessible to other people. we’ve got facilities that are able to pay for and do things that they weren’t allowed to do for before. You know, I think, I think there’s been some good, So I’m thankful that, you know, I, I’m thankful and hopeful that a lot of these changes will stay.

Conrad Meyer (03:56):
I mean, I hope so. I mean, I think, I think kind of like what, like you said, once the once you, you know, open that door, it’s hard to close it. You know, the toothpaste is out. You can’t put it back in the bottle. People have seen the advancements of telemedicine, what it can do, the access it can give. I mean, we have a lot of guests in our show who talked about that and get in terms of the access, the increased access that telemedicine has done for them, their practice and their patients. So I, I a hundred percent agree with you. Cause I don’t remember before Covid, pre covid and, and all the telemedicine talk, there was so much discussion on distance sight, you know, on reimbursement, on what technology was needed, what encryption was needed. And literally, and I remember we talked about this, I mean, a year and a half ago when Covid first started and we saw the emergency orders, it cut. They cut the red tape in a week in less than a week.

Rory Bellina (04:46):
And it was gone. It

Conrad Meyer (04:47):
Was gone.

Rory Bellina (04:48):
And so many people have benefited

Conrad Meyer (04:50):
From it. And it shows you what they can do. That that’s what the frustrating thing is. Like, you know what, when you put your mind to it, you can really get through a lot of mess. And

Rory Bellina (04:57):
I think a lot of the, the administration didn’t, regulators sat down and saw, you know, some of these we don’t need, you know, some of this is, is over back now, we might go back to some of that. We, Yeah. But I think that it’s been, it’s been really good changes. Mm-hmm. , you know, little thing that I’m thankful for you know, no matter where you stand on the, the vaccine. but I am thankful that we do have a vaccine. And I think that, and, and the reason why I’m thankful for it is because it gives people an option to get the vaccine or not. I think there were a lot of people that were, you know, scared or concerned that we would be wearing masks or we would be inside, you know, indefinitely until there was a vaccine. So I’m thankful that we do have a vaccine and that it, it seemed to have helped people and it gives people another option to kind of get through this, whether they choose to get it or not. At least it’s, it’s an option out there.

Conrad Meyer (05:45):
Well, what it shows is, Right. And I get it, There’s a ton of money involved and I’m sure that , that really helps. Sure. You know, but it shows you how the country and the world Right. Can come together on that front and create a vaccine that normally would take 5, 10, 15 years in a year. Now mind you, they had a good basis to work from on the SARS vaccine or the SARS Cove vaccine. So cuz they’ve been working on frequently, but they were able to quickly take that research and put it together very quickly and get something out, I think at, at like you know, at warp speed that that’s something we’d never done before. Yep. And look at all the sequela from that. Now, now we’ve got the I think that we have the eua of the on the pill, correct?

Rory Bellina (06:32):
Yes. Yeah. There’s a pill coming.

Conrad Meyer (06:33):
That’s a therapeutic though. Am I correct?

Rory Bellina (06:35):
Correct. That is correct.

Conrad Meyer (06:36):
So, so think about that. Yep. I mean, regardless, I mean, I mean, a lot of money involved no doubt. No doubt. But the speed at which this is done tells me how fast that our biomed tech programs can work together to come and save millions of lives. Yep.

Rory Bellina (06:53):
I think, I think it really shows that, you know, it, it, if we need to get something done, it can be done. We can, we can cut through that red tape and, and get through

Conrad Meyer (07:01):
It, you know, regardless of what position you are. I mean, I know we have a lot of anti-vaxxers, we have a lot of conspiracy theories. I, I, and I hear what they’re saying. but just to see the speed at which this was done, regardless of what position you’re on, tells me that we have a lot of hope for future things coming to us Sure. In the years to come.

Rory Bellina (07:16):
And it kind of piggyback on that. Another thing that, that I’m thankful for and is, is that we are having these discussions and I’m, I’m honestly thankful that, you know, we, we’ve got these, these different mandates in place and these different, you know, requirements. But I’m thankful that there are people, institutions that are, you know, forcing us to take another look at it. And honestly that that’s, some of these are being challenged because I’m thankful that we’re, we’re taking the time and we’re not rushing to something. You know, although these, these various mandates have been pushed out. I’m thankful that there are people that are willing to challenge it and look at it and, and think of the, you know, the broader implications because it does a lot go back to personal choices and personal freedoms. And I think it’s important that we have a balance on both sides.

Conrad Meyer (08:01):
Yeah. I, I agree. I do, you know, on a, on a, on a personal note, are you are you getting ready for your Turkey day next

Rory Bellina (08:09):
Week? I’m ready. I’m, I’m, I’m getting ready. You know, we’re, yeah, we’re recording this we’re recording this a week before, but we’re gonna release it Thanksgiving week. But yeah, I’m I’m thankful that, you know, last year was a much limited year for our Thanksgiving. I typically have a lot of friends and relatives come over. Last year was a fraction of who usually comes

Conrad Meyer (08:27):
Over. So this, this year you’re gonna have a full family,

Rory Bellina (08:29):
But this year is, this year is the full slate and wow, it’s gonna be fun. And, and I’m, I’m very thankful for that because in my wife comes from a very big family. hopefully not, they were listening. they come from a very big family. So going to those Thanksgiving events was, was overwhelming. It’s, it’s a lot of people a a lot of noise which I’m not a huge fan of a lot of noise. So going to those wasn’t something I always looked forward to. I really hope, hope they’re not listening now. but, but now I am. Now I am because I haven’t seen these people in, you know, I guess it’d be two years now. Right. And I think it’s, you know, every event that we get to do, like this is just more and more a sense of normalcy and the, the pre C world. So I’m very thankful for that.

Conrad Meyer (09:12):
Are you cooking?

Rory Bellina (09:13):
I am cooking. What do? I am cooking. I’m, I’m in charge of the turkeys. I got a, so I get to wake up,

Conrad Meyer (09:18):
They put a Turkey in charge of the

Rory Bellina (09:20):
Turkeys. I’m in charge two turkeys. So I get to wake up early and, and smoke two birds. it’s gonna be fun. I’m looking forward to it. And that, that’s another thing is that last year we didn’t have enough people. So I think they, they ordered from a restaurant or something. It just wasn’t the same. Cause I’m used to waking up early Yeah. And cooking the Turkey and going over there. And it’s chaotic and it’s fun. And, and I, I honestly didn’t miss that last year. So what about you? What, what are your, what are your plans for kind of the, the, the, the end of the year and, you know, what are you, what are you thankful for? You? I’m sure you’re thankful you got a new dog. Yes. You have to be thankful for your new dog, right?

Conrad Meyer (09:52):
Yes. Santa, Santa Blessed the house with a a new three year old Golden Doodle. Yeah. Golden Doodle and Winnie. Okay. And so Winnie is enjoying the house and I’m very happy for that. Good. and this year, actually the fir it’s the first for my, for us, for my personal family. Cuz we are hosting the entire family at our house. Wow. So we we’re the hosts, which has never happened before for a Thanksgiving. So we have a huge monumental task. so I, like you, I have got the smoke Turkey going. Right. I’ll be grinding and spatchcocking and doing it on my Traeger. So I’m very happy for that. Right. You know, and then we we were, we’re, we’re having Lord, I mean we’re having, you know, 25 people Yeah. At the house or more. And so, you know, I’m waiting for that chaos that morning. Right. but you know what though, I, I’m with you on this. I mean, as much as I like to sit down and relax from, you know, cuz we work very stressful jobs. I I, you know, in terms of the, the, the, the deals we do and the, and the issues we face. And so a lot of times you wanna check out and relax. but I, I’m with you. Last year was sort of it

Rory Bellina (11:05):
Was boring.

Conrad Meyer (11:05):
It was boring. Right. Nobody was doing

Rory Bellina (11:08):
It. You’re watching football on tv. There’s no one in the stands. No one

Conrad Meyer (11:11):
The stands, no one came in the house. There was where I caught covid and, and I get it. I get it.

Rory Bellina (11:14):
No one was getting, my wife’s a big shopper. She didn’t go out shopping on Black Friday, which is a huge thing. She, although she doesn’t need to, you know, all that’s taken care of. She, she just likes to do it. Just to do it. And it’s, it’s like the kickoff to the holiday season.

Conrad Meyer (11:27):
So, you know, we’re, we’re happy with that. So in other words, I’m, I’m looking forward to the chaos Sure. Right. Of Thanksgiving day. Sure.

Rory Bellina (11:33):
And I’m sure you’re, you’re happy, you’re thankful. I’m sure your wife is thankful if, if our listeners don’t know she’s an ER physician, they’ve gotta be, you’re, you’re thankful your wife has to be thankful that, you know, things at least in Louisiana are, are are slowing down or ramping down. It looks like we’re coming out

Conrad Meyer (11:48):
Of this streets. The covid numbers look

Rory Bellina (11:50):
Great. She’s gotta be thankful for that.

Conrad Meyer (11:51):
Yeah. The covid numbers look great and, and honestly from, you know, discussions what she sees on the front lines people who are getting C right and getting sick are, are people who, like you would expect to get sick. Right. You know, with their preexisting conditions so forth. So, but, but she’s seeing less and less and less of that. So again, agree with you. I think we’re coming out of the fog, right. So so we’re looking forward to it. Think Thanksgiving’s gonna be a fantastic day full of you don’t die on Thanksgiving week.

Rory Bellina (12:21):
No you don’t.

Conrad Meyer (12:22):
Nope. Can’t do it. Not gonna happen.

Rory Bellina (12:24):
And I will say I am thankful to wrap up my list of thankfulness. I’m thankful that all three of my kids have been in school all year in person. Isn’t that great? Very thankful for that. The real heroes of this pandemic have been, were the teachers. not to slight from the the healthcare workers, but being at home with my kids during that time with the virtual learning you know, was that

Conrad Meyer (12:48):

Rory Bellina (12:48):
That that was not fun? So teachers definitely don’t get paid enough. They don’t get enough credit. So I’m very thankful that my kid’s school has stayed open in person. And to

Conrad Meyer (12:58):
Show my appreciation for teachers, we’re having a teacher appreciation on Friday. That’s tomorrow. This is the week before Thanksgiving. So I am cooking. Right. 10 pounds of shrimp Ram aada for them.

Rory Bellina (13:08):
And you’re gonna bring something to me at the firm. Really?

Conrad Meyer (13:11):
Wait, I’ll bring some. Thank

Rory Bellina (13:14):
You. Thank

Conrad Meyer (13:14):
You. So, so I’m showing my appreciation cuz we have the tomorrow and, and I, I just learned this was is is the teacher appreciation in my daughter’s school. So it’s a big deal. I mean, I didn’t realize how big of a deal, cause my wife’s a room mother now, but it, I mean, we’re talking about a major, major deal. We’re not talking about like coffee and donuts for the teachers that morning. We’re talking about a major spread, I mean a major spread. We’re talking all kinds of food, catering, things like that. And

Rory Bellina (13:41):
They deserve it. They

Conrad Meyer (13:42):
Deserve it. They deserve it. Absolutely. They deserve it. You

Rory Bellina (13:44):
Know, so, I mean, now I think, I think we have a lot to be thankful for. You know, looking forward to 2022. My big things are you know, we continue on the downward trend. We come out of Covid, the, the United States and, and other countries obviously come out of Covid. and I’m looking forward to some of these changes sticking around. like I said, we, you know, telemedicine’s probably the biggest one, right? Access to care has been really big. and you know, and, and I’m, I’m thankful that we’ve been able to function, you know, pretty normally this year, I would say, you know, with, with some hiccups. But overall, it’s been a fast year. It’s been a, it’s been a fun year. I think we’re gonna have, we’re gonna see some fireworks with the Supreme Court and all these testing on all these testing and, and vaccine mandates

Conrad Meyer (14:28):
That would be interesting.

Rory Bellina (14:29):
which, which again, I enjoy, I enjoy seeing kind of the battle back across, no matter what side you’re on. I think it’s, it’s every need. Everyone needs to be thankful that we as a nation care enough about this on both sides. That, that we’re, we’re going through this and we’re not in a place where we’re, you know, it’s it’s just kind of one way or the highway.

Conrad Meyer (14:48):
I mean, one, one thing that I’m, I’m, I’m thankful, thankful and hopeful, hopeful for, for 2022, is I want people across the country, all over the world to be able to start to live a normal life.

Rory Bellina (15:02):
I agree with

Conrad Meyer (15:03):
That. Come out, come out of this and hopefully get to a place where we’re all getting back to the normalcy or if you wanna, whatever you wanna call it way of life that they can enjoy their family, their friends, you know, no one’s locked up. that’s what I’m hopeful for, for 2022.

Rory Bellina (15:23):
I, I can’t, I couldn’t say it any better. So this has been a quick little episode. We’ll we’ll be back next week with a more substantive episode. Definitely. Absolutely. But we thought this would be a fun one to do on this Thanksgiving week when y’all are listening to it. And please, if you have any requests, questions, comments, concerns, if you want us to talk about something specific, we’d love to do it. We’re continuing to get in guests. So I’ll leave you with that, Conrad.

Conrad Meyer (15:49):
Yeah. And, and to echo that. So leave your comments on Anchor for us. We can, We, we absolutely read them. We like them. And we want everyone to to be a part of the show. So this is not just the Rory and Conrad show. It’s, it’s the everyone show. So with that, everyone, please enjoy your families, your friends, your kids through this Thanksgiving holiday and we’ll catch you next week.

Rory Bellina (16:09):
All right. Thank you. Thank you for listening to Health Law Talk presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams. For more information or to contact us, please visit our website, LinkedIn in the description below. Also, please be sure to subscribe to our podcast and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, in YouTube, LinkedIn in the description below. Thank you for listening.

In this episode of Health Law Talk, Roy Bellina and Conrad Meyer discuss everything that they are thankful for with respect to the past year relative to health law. To quote Eckhart Tolle, “acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Rory and Conrad share their personal gratitude for the positive changes in health law over the year as well as their personal thankfulness for their families and friends.

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