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Health Law Talk Presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams

On the latest episode of Health Law Talk, we get into the details of starting a nonprofit organization. Hosts Conrad Meyer and George Mueller sit down with Dr. Alice Hoyt to discuss the details of her nonprofit the Teal Schoolhouse.  Teal Schoolhouse is responsible for a national program targeting schools, universities, and businesses called Code Ana that helps these entities put together emergency response policies/protocols dealing with allergic reactions as well as instructional education and training on the use of autoinjector EpiPens.  During this podcast, we get into the considerations, initial expenses, and legal issues Dr. Hoyt faced in putting together the Teal Schoolhouse.  This is a fantastic episode for anyone who has ever considered starting a nonprofit organization and needed a foundation on where to start.

Health Law Talk, presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams, one of the largest full service law firms in the Greater New Orleans area, is a regular podcast focusing on the expansive area of healthcare law. Attorneys Rory Bellina, Conrad Meyer and George Mueller will address various legal issues and current events surrounding healthcare topics. The attorneys are here to answer your legal questions, create a discussion on various healthcare topics, as well as bring in subject matter experts and guests to join the conversation.

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