Mental Health & COVID: Adolescents part 1 of 3

Health Law Talk Presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams

The Covid pandemic has changed the behavior and social interactions for millions of people. Various mandates, including mask mandates and social distance mandates, along with online classes or business closures have affected millions of people across the world. One of the most affected groups of individuals are adolescents and young children. Adolescents and young children are now required to wear masks at school as well as socially distant from their peers. Some schools have required vaccine mandates for adolescents. These mandates and the current state of Covid has put a tremendous mental burden on adolescents and young children. Please join us on our show where we have a panel discussion with two mental health experts: Tanya Stuart, owner of Genesis behavioral health services and intensive outpatient program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Brandy Klingman, owner of Legacy Behavioral Health, and outpatient psychiatric clinic with counseling and medication management services for adults and adolescents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Mrs. Stuart and Mrs. Klingman sit down with us to discuss the mental effects of the Covid mask mandates along with the social distancing requirements place on young children and adolescents.  We discuss and provide details regarding what to look for in young children and adolescents to help parents and families address these mental health issues before they become a crisis. In addition, both Mrs. Stuart and Mrs. Klingman provide detailed information on resources and support to help families and parents support their young children and adolescents during this pandemic and help cope with the various mandates, social distancing, online class, and other factors that are ever-changing during this pandemic. This podcast is a must listen for all who have young children and adolescents and are dealing with this.  We hope you join us on part 1 of this part 3 series.

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