Mental Health & COVID: Adults & Families part 2 of 3

Health Law Talk Presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams

There is no question that Covid restrictions, mandates, and directives, have impacted the mental health of adults and families all across the world. In part two of our series on Covid’s mental health crisis, Rory Bellina and Conrad Meyer sit down with experts Felicia Kleinpeter, Chief Executive Officer and cofounder of Imagine Recovery, and Christopher O’Shea, cofounder of Imagine Recovery, to discuss the impact Covid restrictions, mandates, and directives have had on adults and families. In this very timely podcast, listeners will be provided valuable resources on how to detect, address, and assist family members and adults who might be going through mental health issues during the pandemic.  These mandates and directives have put adults and families under tremendous pressure. Ms. Kleinpeter and Mr. O’Shea will provide detail information on how to best support families and adults to help their stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues regarding the ever-changing mandates during this pandemic. This podcast is an excellent episode for all who are dealing with the pandemic.

Health Law Talk, presented by Chehardy Sherman Williams, one of the largest full service law firms in the Greater New Orleans area, is a regular podcast focusing on the expansive area of healthcare law. Attorneys Rory Bellina, Conrad Meyer and George Mueller will address various legal issues and current events surrounding healthcare topics. The attorneys are here to answer your legal questions, create a discussion on various healthcare topics, as well as bring in subject matter experts and guests to join the conversation.

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